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Past events

07/29/2021 Community Town Hall: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem
06/23/2021 CEEA ACEG Annual General Meeting 2021
05/25/2021 EER Funding Opportunity: NSERC Discovery Horizons Call for Proposals Brainstorming
03/22/2021 Oral exams – Improved Learning and Cost-Effectiveness
03/18/2021 Inclusive course design to nurture leadership and management competencies
01/21/2021 SELM SIG Workshop Integration of Performance Management Systems to Improve Decision-Making for Leaders in Organizations Today
12/16/2020 Managing Instructor Workload in Online Courses
11/19/2020 SELM SIG Workshop - Contributing to Sustainability: The transition to online to teach sustainability
10/29/2020 Engineering Education Research - Ethics Webinar
09/17/2020 SELM SIG Workshop - Power & Influence: Expanding our understanding, teaching, and use with Dr. Lianne Lefsrud, P.Eng
09/03/2020 Student Experience - Supporting Student Mental Health in the Virtual Classroom
08/31/2020 Student Experience - Building resilience through mindfulness: A primer for engineering
08/27/2020 Remote Assessment 3: Simple-to-grade approaches
08/25/2020 Student End-of-Summer Networking
08/21/2020 Course Design 1: Checklist, networking, and discussion
08/20/2020 Remote Assessment 2: Auto-graded Approaches
08/19/2020 Institute for Engineering Education Research Webinar: Introduction to Research Approaches, Methodologies & Methods
08/13/2020 Equity Diversity & Inclusivity SIG: Mini-Conference
08/13/2020 Lab Webinar Series – Lessons Learned from Shifting Online - presented by University of Waterloo in collaboration with E-CORE
08/10/2020 If I Could Turn Back Time: A Role-Play-Based Workshop on Academic Integrity and Assessment Design in a Remote Technical Course
08/06/2020 LABS – LESSONS LEARNED FROM SHIFTING ONLINE: Webinar presented by Memorial University of Newfoundland in collaboration with E-CORE
08/04/2020 Finding and Using Open Educational Resources (OER)
07/29/2020 Sharing Open Educational Resources (OER)
07/21/2020 ASSESSMENTS – A PRIMER FOR REMOTE - Webinar presented in collaboration with E-CORE
07/17/2020 DESIGN – Blank Sheet Virtual Engineering Design Course Workshop - Webinar presented in collaboration with E-CORE
07/15/2020 Webinar: Introduction to Designing an Engineering Education Research Study
07/14/2020 LABS – LESSONS LEARNED FROM SHIFTING ONLINE - Webinar presented by the University of Alberta in collaboration with E-CORE
06/18/2020 CEEA ACEG Annual General Meeting

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