Upcoming events

    • 12/13/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Zoom the link will be sent to you in your registration email

    Teaching in Practice (TIP) – New Special Interest Group

    Please join us for the first meeting of the new Teaching in Practice (TIP) SIG. 

    The TIP SIG was established to provide an opportunity for teaching focused faculty to share experience and best practices, and to stay connected throughout the year.  In this kick-off meeting Andrew Roncin and Nancy Nelson (TIP SIG co-chairs) will share a few teaching tips (i.e., TIP Tricks) and facilitate a discussion about what tips you might have to share with your colleagues.

    Andrew and Nancy will also want to hear your thoughts on how the TIP SIG can help you engage with the national engineering education teaching community both in regular TIP SIG meetings and at events such as the CEEA-ACEG annual conference.


    Andrew Roncin, Ph.D., P.Eng., is a Polytechnic instructor with over 20 years teaching experience.  A father of two, he enjoys working with youth, creating learner centered courses, and developing interactive experiences.

    Nancy Nelson, M.Sc. (T), Ph.D. Candidate, FEC, P.Eng., is a Senior Teaching & Learning Consultant supporting engineering & technology programs. A long-time engineering educator, she is a 3M National Teaching Fellow (2020) and has been formally recognized for her leadership and innovative teaching practices by Engineers Canada and CICan.

    If you have any questions, thoughts or comments that you would like to pass on, please feel free to contact Andrew Roncin (aroncin@rrc.ca) or Nancy Nelson (nnelson@conestogac.on.ca)

    • 12/15/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (MST)
    • Zoom, the link will be sent to you in your registration email

    Please join the SELM SIG for it’s December workshop, featuring Dr. Marnie Jamieson, P.Eng.,  Teaching Professor and William and Elizabeth Magee Chair in Chemical Engineering Design, University of Alberta, and Dr. John Donald, P.Eng., Associate Professor, School of Engineering, University of Guelph.


    This workshop describes the application of a Leadership Management Development Model (LMDM) to assess the intentional development of leadership and management competences in the first year engineering design curriculum at the University of Alberta and the University of Guelph.  Using the LMDM, developed by the authors, first-year course activities were captured and mapped to leadership and management frameworks, and categorized according to the CEAB Graduate Attributes. The two first-year engineering design course syllabi were compared and analysed on many aspects (e.g., self-leadership, societal impacts, relationship management) and supported by a series of comparative charts and tables based on the LMDM.

    The authors will present the preliminary results, which indicate the model is effective at capturing and comparing engineering leadership and management functional coverage in the engineering curriculum. This information provides relevant insights, both within and between programs, that can act as an evidenced-based frame for improving the courses with respect to leadership and management development content.

    Ultimately the authors hope the framework can help engineering programs develop, plan, and assess undergraduate professional and contextual skill development in learning activities and the curriculum. We hope to support the development of non-technical engineering skills at the same level and rigour as technical skills.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marnie Jamieson (mvjamies@ualberta.ca) or John Donald (jrdonald@uoguelph.ca ).

Past events

11/17/2021 First Annual CEEA-ACEG Mini-Conference on Inclusion, Diversity, Decolonization, Equity, and Accessibility (IDDEA)
10/25/2021 SIG Chair Meeting
10/20/2021 Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity SIG Meeting
09/17/2021 Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity SIG SSHRC Grant Collaboration Session
09/10/2021 Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity SIG - SSHRC Grant Collaboration Session -
08/27/2021 Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity SIG Meeting
07/29/2021 Community Town Hall: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem
06/23/2021 CEEA ACEG Annual General Meeting 2021
06/20/2021 2021 CEEA ACEG Annual Conference
05/25/2021 EER Funding Opportunity: NSERC Discovery Horizons Call for Proposals Brainstorming
03/22/2021 Oral exams – Improved Learning and Cost-Effectiveness
03/18/2021 Inclusive course design to nurture leadership and management competencies
01/21/2021 SELM SIG Workshop Integration of Performance Management Systems to Improve Decision-Making for Leaders in Organizations Today
12/16/2020 Managing Instructor Workload in Online Courses
11/19/2020 SELM SIG Workshop - Contributing to Sustainability: The transition to online to teach sustainability
10/29/2020 Engineering Education Research - Ethics Webinar
09/17/2020 SELM SIG Workshop - Power & Influence: Expanding our understanding, teaching, and use with Dr. Lianne Lefsrud, P.Eng
09/03/2020 Student Experience - Supporting Student Mental Health in the Virtual Classroom
08/31/2020 Student Experience - Building resilience through mindfulness: A primer for engineering
08/27/2020 Remote Assessment 3: Simple-to-grade approaches
08/25/2020 Student End-of-Summer Networking
08/21/2020 Course Design 1: Checklist, networking, and discussion
08/20/2020 Remote Assessment 2: Auto-graded Approaches
08/19/2020 Institute for Engineering Education Research Webinar: Introduction to Research Approaches, Methodologies & Methods
08/13/2020 Equity Diversity & Inclusivity SIG: Mini-Conference
08/13/2020 Lab Webinar Series – Lessons Learned from Shifting Online - presented by University of Waterloo in collaboration with E-CORE
08/10/2020 If I Could Turn Back Time: A Role-Play-Based Workshop on Academic Integrity and Assessment Design in a Remote Technical Course
08/06/2020 LABS – LESSONS LEARNED FROM SHIFTING ONLINE: Webinar presented by Memorial University of Newfoundland in collaboration with E-CORE
08/04/2020 Finding and Using Open Educational Resources (OER)
07/29/2020 Sharing Open Educational Resources (OER)
07/21/2020 ASSESSMENTS – A PRIMER FOR REMOTE - Webinar presented in collaboration with E-CORE
07/17/2020 DESIGN – Blank Sheet Virtual Engineering Design Course Workshop - Webinar presented in collaboration with E-CORE
07/15/2020 Webinar: Introduction to Designing an Engineering Education Research Study
07/14/2020 LABS – LESSONS LEARNED FROM SHIFTING ONLINE - Webinar presented by the University of Alberta in collaboration with E-CORE
06/18/2020 CEEA ACEG Annual General Meeting

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